White Hall, MI: White River Light Station

At some point early on in our trip around Michigan, we stopped at a visitor's center and found a large fold-out map listing the names and general locations for almost all the lighthouses around Lake Michigan. This was like a gold mine to me (and Eric is sweet and humors my various visit-all-the-things addictions). For whatever reason, I really like lighthouses.

Our first lighthouse on the trip was White River Light Station. It costs $4 to go inside for adults, so we chose to just admire it from the outside (mostly, the lighthouses we pay for are the ones you get to climb high up), although there is a museum inside this one.

Since we didn't go inside, I can't say too much more about this one. It was fairly easy to get to (unlike others we adventured to). You can't see the lake unless you climb it, though (the lake is beyond that tree in the background).

Our trip in general tried to follow roads that were as close to the lake as we could get. (I would like to take this time to thank the best navigator in the world, aka Eric, for spending a lot of time with the tiny little roads on the GPS and not getting us lost.) I think we would have done that even if we weren't seeing what turned into almost 20 lighthouses, since what's the point of a trip around Lake Michigan in summer without spending as much time as you can seeing the lake? A lot of those roads have trees blocking the view, but sometimes you get lucky and have a huge expanse of beautiful water off to your side as you drive.

There are going to be a lot of posts about lighthouses coming up. At one point I tried to keep track of all the ones I'd been to, but we went to a LOT last year and that list needs updating. It's definitely over 30, maybe even up to 40. So, uh, sorry if you don't like lighthouses :) But if you do like lighthouses, have you been to any really great ones?
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