Monday Notes

Pretty much the entire state of Indiana is closed today thanks to snow, ice, wind, and deathly cold temperatures! It is -9 right now, feels like -33, and we have a HIGH predicted of -5. Negative 5. I can't remember the last time it was this cold (the weather people tell me it was in January 1994).

Even campus is closed today, which they almost never do, but I think it is definitely necessary. It is too icy and cold to be outside, even for a second!

We get these pretty sunrises across the road that are impossible to capture ;)

This weekend we watched a lot of sports. What else is new? The Colts game was insane. Absolutely insane. My heart was in my throat and I felt sick to my stomach the entire game but somehow we managed to win. Andrew Luck both managed to almost single-handedly give the game away, and then get us back the game. Crazy. Unfortunately not everyone we wanted to win won (like the Bengals...they looked horrible and did not manage to create a miraculous comeback for themselves), but at least the Colts are still in it. Colts-Patriots match up on Saturday will be a huge game. I'm also rooting for Denver in the SD game because Peyton Manning. Oh Peyton Manning.

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Are you also only allowed to be inside today? My main fear is that the power will go out. It flickered a ton last night but came back on each time. There are around 1000 people in Monroe County without power right now.
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