Monday Notes

How was your weekend? We managed to spend pretty much the whole weekend watching sports (this should not surprise anyone). I'm very happy about the football outcomes yesterday. It snowed on Saturday, so our plans for Sunday got nixed -- we were going to go over to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday and watch football with them, but the roads weren't very good so we didn't.

I also spent some time scrapbooking. Well, "scrapbooking". I haven't actively scrapbooked since the summer after my freshman year of college (how was that 7 years ago?), but I still keep all my tickets and pamphlets, and I wanted to put them somewhere organized rather in Ziplock bags. An unplanned Friday night stop at Hobby Lobby rewarded me with having all their albums on 50% off, so I picked one up (with like 75 refill pages) and went to town all day Saturday. I put the quotes on "scrapbooking" because I didn't make it pretty with papers or stickers, there are hardly any pictures, and I literally didn't write a single word on any page. But every ticket stub and museum brochure are organized chronologically and on a page rather than in a bag. I am pretty proud of it, actually! Also, it is WAY faster to scrapbook like that instead of spending hours on each one page. Next up is 2012. Only 15+ more years to go.

The other big thing this weekend was that we announced our sports open houses (here and on Twitter and Facebook). It seemed to get a lot of attention from the Facebook post especially, so hopefully we'll have some people over for sports watching soon!

Did you get to do anything fun/interesting this weekend?
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