Subscription Review: Nibblr

As part of my "eat more healthy things" goal, I signed up for a few of the portion-controlled subscription snack boxes, including this one, nibblr

Nibblr includes a description of the business and something unusual in their booklet - artwork! I thought that was a nice touch, although I probably won't be hanging it up anywhere (it's on that shiny kind of paper). It's hard to see in the photo (I am still figuring out this editing thing) but the colors are actually very pretty.

Here's what came in my first box:

Cheesy Crostini - cheddar and asiago cheese crisps:
This was pretty good and had the hint of a kick from a little cayenne pepper. It reminded me a lot of something similar to (grown-up) Goldfish.

Nibblr puts their nutrition facts right on the package:

Mediterranean Treasures - fig, dates, and apricots snack mix:
I really like dried fruit (and sweets) but most of this was just too sweet. The apricots were great and the figs were good, but the dates were like eating sugar cubes. I actually didn't finish them (a first for me...especially with sweets).

Coco's First Date - dates, almonds, and toasted coconut snack mix:
My first thought was that I wouldn't like it; I don't really like coconut and I wasn't thrilled about more too-sweet dates. But I'll try anything once, and it was actually pretty good! The sweetness of the dates balanced out the coconut and almond. I was pleasantly surprised.

Apple of My Eye - apple cookies, cinnamon praline almonds, and apples snack mix:
Oh man. Opening this container was like stepping into a Christmas store. The apple and cinnamon spices smelled so good, and it tasted just as good. I had no idea I was eating almonds until I re-read the package. (I like to trick myself into eating nuts.) I would gladly eat this again.

I ordered 4 boxes (you get a bigger discount the more boxes you order at a time) to come every other week. The under-6 price is right and the bonus artwork is cool, but I'll keep evaluating how I like the snacks in general to determine if I'll keep with it, just like with every subscription I have.

You can also rate (love, like, no thanks) all your snacks if you get something you don't like -- or you love! So I said no thanks to the dates, but liked the crostini and apple pie :)

If you want to get a nibblr box for free, click here and click Subscribe. You can either use my referral code 1510 or the code FIRSTBOXFREE. You can cancel at any time if you just want to try it out.

Have you tried nibblr or other snack boxes? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review and all opinions are my own. I just thought it would be fun to review subscription boxes.
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  1. I'm waiting on my first box! Thanks for the review!


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