Traverse City, MI: Old Mission Lighthouse

After checking out the Cherry Republic, trying a few local breweries, and wandering around the city, we headed all the way north into the peninsula that juts out from Traverse City. We decided to ignore the GPS, which told us to take 37, and instead took Peninsula Drive. This was a really pretty drive -- it started out with the beautiful lake on the left and crazy nice lake houses on the right. At some point we couldn't follow the lake anymore, so we turned inland and wound up on 37 all the way to the end of the peninsula. This part was also really pretty because we were going through miles of cherry farms! There were what looked like other types of farms, too, but I don't know what they were. On our way back I pulled over and bought some fresh cherries from a college kid. Best cherries I've ever had. Anyway, at the end of the peninsula we found what we'd come for: another lighthouse!

This is the Old Mission Lighthouse, also called Mission Point Lighthouse or Old Mission Point Lighthouse. We did go inside here because the first floor is free, but we didn't spend the $4 each to go any higher. The first floor had some interesting exhibits and a gift shop. I remember it being kind of crowded; for being so out of the way on top of this peninsula, it was pretty popular with tourists.

It is probably made more popular because of this awesome fact: it's directly on the 45th Parallel!

I kind of geeked out and took a lot of photos of us being on the 45th. It is really crazy to think about how far north we were (and the fact that we then went even farther north). How crazy is it that we were at the same latitude as all these other places?

Have you ever driven an extra 70 miles on a peninsula just to see a lighthouse? Or maybe not that specific (ha!), but what have you gone out of your way to see on a trip?
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