Announcing Sports Open Houses

It's no secret that Eric and I like sports. We watch a lot of sports. But we also like diving into more than just rooting for our favorite teams, such as analyzing our fantasy football players and March Madness brackets. Heck, half of Eric's Ph.D research non-coincidentally involves something to do with sports. If you also like watching and talking about sports, and live somewhere near Bloomington, Indiana, read on.

We are opening up our living room as a gathering place for sports fans, which we are calling Sports Open Houses. Whomever wants to come over to watch games is welcome. We have two televisions and two cable boxes (one with DVR), so we can watch two different games at one time. If there is nothing already scheduled for the second TV, attendees are welcome to request something be put on that TV.

Our preferences for sports are college basketball, NFL, MLB, NBA, and some college football, along with the Olympics. Teams we pay the most attention to include the Indiana Hoosiers, Kentucky Wildcats, North Carolina Tarheels, Ohio State Buckeyes, Butler Bulldogs, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Pacers, and Cincinnati Reds. If you have other sports or teams you would like to come watch with us, let us know and we can add them to the calendar.

We think this environment will more easily foster interesting discussions than either out at the bars or via Facebook posts. It's much quieter than sports bars/restaurants (like Bdub's, for instance, where you can't even hear yourself think) but there is still the social aspect of watching a game with friends. Even better, we have full control over what we are watching, plus we have replay capabilities.

Unless otherwise discussed or noted, these are not dinner parties, but we will provide some kind of game-watching snack like chips or popcorn. You are more than welcome (but not required) to bring food or drinks to share as well.

Click here to see our full calendar of available open houses.

We hope to see you soon! Please RSVP to me or Eric to let us know you will be coming.

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