Frankfort, MI: Point Betsie Lighthouse

Our lighthouse quest continued on north as we found our way to Point Betsie.

We managed to get here just 20 minutes after it closed for the day, so this was as close as we could get (there were "no trespassing" signs up around the fenced perimeter). But it was fun to look at from afar. The parking here was a little weird; there is no parking lot (that we could see), so we were parked on the side of a street and in the sand. As we were standing there, a bunch of other cars pulled up and a bunch of people started to head to the beach with food. I guess this is a nice place to access the beach, but parking isn't ideal.

We didn't crash the potluck party, but the beach down here was nice and secluded.

One cool thing about Point Betsie is that you can actually rent the assistant lightkeeper's quarters. How awesome would it be to stay at a lighthouse on vacation? Sometimes I look at lighthouses for sale but those things are expensive, even the ones in disarray. Visiting one on vacation is probably a much better decision :)
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