Monday Notes

We had a great weekend! Friday night we headed up to Indianapolis to celebrate a friend's promotion (I think he is officially the first of my friends to get a real promotion). We wound up at a little hole-in-the-wall pizza place (literally, it's down an alley) and it was pretty good. Saturday we woke up to more snow and went to the Reds Caravan (come back later to see my write up on that), and also celebrated the Chinese New Year with a bunch of people from Eric's program. It was potluck style and everyone brought some kind of food from his/her own culture. We brought pulled pork sandwiches, the hostess made spring rolls and dumplings, and there were also knishes, Chinese pancakes, and a tuna casserole. It was all really good. Sunday was spent doing stuff around the condo and watching sports :) That was the best Pro Bowl I've seen!

Can you believe it's the last week of January already? Wasn't it just New Year's? We don't have too many plans for the week, but this coming weekend is one of the biggest Sundays of the year - Super Bowl Sunday! I can't wait!

How was your weekend?
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