Pigeon Forge, TN: Dollywood - Smoky Mountain Christmas

While we were down in Tennessee enjoying our #ChristmasCabin, we spent a couple of evenings at Dollywood. I wrote a little bit about Dollywood before on our summer trip, but this was a different experience.

This is Smoky Mountain Christmas. Dollywood puts up about 4.5 million lights each year for Christmas. The lights start going up in October, and they last from November-January (Dollywood the park is closed for most of January through March). It makes the park really magical. These photos were all taken on our second night there. The first day we didn't stay long enough for the lights to come on; we rode Wild Eagle and saw the show "Dollywood's A Christmas Carol", but Eric started feeling sick so wanted to come back another day to check out the lights.

This night we saw the "Christmas in the Smokies" show. The acting, singing, and sets don't disappoint. Neither do the lights. This is Show Street.

This is that cool water mill and water clock we saw in the summer, all lit up.

There are also outdoor shows around the park. We caught this one, "Carol of the Trees". The lights are set to instrumental music. It wasn't bad, but not the best we've seen (that prize has to go to either the Cincinnati Zoo or National Zoo...or random Nightmare Before Christmas house we saw in Baltimore).


If you get a chance to check out Dollywood at Christmastime, definitely do it. It wasn't as cold as it could have been (it is Tennessee, after all -- probably the coldest it got while we were there was in the mid-20s), and it is so pretty! It was even nice enough to ride some rides.

Did you see any crazy lights displays this year? There wasn't anything particularly exciting in Bloomington besides the Canopy of Lights, but we also didn't drive around looking.
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