Friday Photos

Well, we spent most of the week inside, so there aren't too many photos this week (I was not going to go outside in -10 degrees to snap pictures :) ha!). But I did take a few.

This is the pile of ice at the bottom of our driveway that the snow plows couldn't get. It's about 6 inches thick  in places and almost 3 feet across - this picture doesn't do it any justice, but imagine that the height in the photo is really covering about 5 feet. I drive over it to leave the house and am nervous every time. Luckily it's supposed to warm up a bit today so maybe it will melt.

Bloomington recycling (which is free!) picks up every two weeks. We tend to have a lot of things to recycle anyway, but especially with Christmas and hosting parties, we had a ton of stuff to put out. Unfortunately for us, the schedule had the pickup for the week of Christmas, when we weren't here. So we have been hording our recycling for about 5 weeks. Because I am weird, I took a photo of it. There are several more bags under the cardboard on top. I hope they take all of it!

My parents got us a (very cool) automatic bread maker for Christmas. Thanks to the weather I had some time to try it out. My first bread was a cinnamon swirl (Eric likes that Pepperidge Farm cinnamon swirl bread) and it turned out tasty! It didn't hold together well enough to use it for sandwiches (it separates where the cinnamon lines are), but I'm hoping some practice (and the right kind of flour...) with my new toy will get it so that we don't have to buy much bread anymore. I'd rather eat fresh bread any day (have you seen how many preservatives and other stuff are in store-bought bread? even the bread from the bakery?). They got us this one and it's supposed to be able to make all kinds of stuff, and it was really easy to clean up (actually I barely had to clean it at all). It has a delay timer on it and I have an idea to set it so that we'll wake up to fresh, warm bread for breakfast some weekend.

Did you do anything fun this week? What'd you do with your snow day(s) if you had them?

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