Bloomington, IN: Winter Farmer's Market

After the regular summer season ends, and the Holiday Market happens, the farmer's market doesn't stop in Bloomington. The market simply transitions to a (much smaller) indoor space at the Harmony School at 909 E. 2nd Street. From December through March, there are still a variety of produce and goods to be had!

I didn't know what to expect from the Winter Farmer's Market (also see their Facebook page). I popped over there at the very end on Saturday (it was literally 11:50am) and there were still a lot of people and a musician playing.

I had no idea where to go in, so I followed other people also walking in. It's this door, which faces the parking lot. You know, in case you also have no idea where to go in.

There is a large parking lot and also street parking available. I did not know about the parking lot and parked on the street, but there was plenty of room if I had found this (once on 2nd Street, turn into what looks like an alley where the Farmer's Market sign is).

There were mostly cold-weather (potatoes/sweet potatoes/garlic/lettuce/squash) or frozen (strawberries!) produce available and the normal assortment of jams and fresh meat and eggs (along with plants, prepared food, and handmade items like scarves and beeswax candles). My intent at the market was to find some potatoes for mashed potatoes for dinner, so I picked up a fresh, homegrown pound for 2 bucks.

So, it's small and there isn't a ton if you aren't looking for seasonal produce, but the fact that there's still a farmer's market available to me in January is awesome. You really can't beat fresh produce and meats from local farmers. Check it out on Saturdays through March from 9am-12pm at the Harmony School!
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