Fourth of July

4:10:00 PM
Now that we're pretty much caught up in a general moving sense, I can delve into what we've actually been up to. Honestly, it's ...
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These Days

1:58:00 PM
Packing up and shipping out was no different than any other time I've moved, just on a bigger scale. The majority of my things were at E...
These Days These Days Reviewed by Maria on 1:58:00 PM Rating: 5
Finding an Apartment in a City You Don't Live in Finding an Apartment in a City You Don't Live in Reviewed by Maria on 12:42:00 PM Rating: 5

So 3 Weeks Later

12:24:00 PM
Funny how time passes so quickly when your whole life is consumed by unpacking, stocking up the food supply, figuring out where to hang phot...
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St Louis

1:29:00 AM
I'm in St Louis for the weekend for a wedding for a good friend from DePauw! Staying with three other friends, we are having a blast alr...
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Living Spaces

10:53:00 PM
Luckily this move to DC is not actually the first major move I've made in my life. Here's a breakdown of places I've lived so fa...
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New Beginnings

7:38:00 PM
I wonder how many first blog posts are some variation on "new beginnings"... In any case, I am about to basically start a new life...
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