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Luckily this move to DC is not actually the first major move I've made in my life. Here's a breakdown of places I've lived so far and relative age:

- I was in an apartment with my parents in Indianapolis after I was just born (1987)
- They bought a house in Indy and we lived there till I was almost 4 (1987-1991)
- They decided to move south of Indy and bought a house there where I did half of my growing up (1991-1997)
- We moved into the house my parents live in now, which is just a couple blocks over from our old place but now on a lake (1997-present)

Yeah, that's a bright green wall. My 11-year-old self was awesome

Just excuse the mess. I'm moving out.

So that's four places just with my family. But then let's add school and internships into the mix and we have the following places:

- Year 1 at DePauw in Greencastle, IN, in Humbert Hall dorm (2006-07) - switched rooms/roommates at semester, so this really encompasses two rooms/moves

Showcasing my side of the 2nd room I lived in (I had the top bunk)

- Year 2 in Reese Hall in Rector Village (2007-08) - had a single and lived with 7 other friends

We'll just block out friends for now unless they say it's okay

- Year 3 in Montgomery Hall in Rector Village (2008-09) - had a single and lived with 7 other friends

The collection on the walls continues to grow

- Year 4 in Little Rock Apartments (2009-10) - had my own room but shared the apartment with a friend

I managed to take pictures of our whole place *except* my room...oops

- For my summer internships I lived in El Segundo, CA, in a room in a condo (2008, 2009, 2010)

I lived here all 3 summers

- I moved to Boone, NC, right after getting back from California into a one bedroom apartment off campus (2010)

My living room

Half the kitchen, open to the living room

Bedroom (did ya notice the new comforter?)

- I moved to Chapel Hill, NC, to live with my boyfriend at UNC after discontinuing my graduate studies at App St (2011)


Living room

Awesome kitchen that looked into the living room

So I feel fairly prepared to actually move out for real into this new apartment, especially since I have lived in several other places during my lifetime (and experienced the joy of moving an entire family from one house to another). Actually I should rephrase that into saying that I'll be totally fine in another city away from where I grew up, because I'm pretty much missing the whole moving in and unpacking thing. The BF is at our new place already because he has orientation for work starting on Monday, and since there's no Internet or cable yet pretty much the only thing he can do is unpack and play video games. Or watch Scrubs on DVD. So the place will be mostly unpacked by the time I get there next week (although I'm sure I'll redo some of it with the copious amount of free time I'll have before school starts in August, haha).

Here's some of what the place looked like before the movers brought the stuff:

Nice big balcony - the biggest one we saw

Kitchen looking into the living room, which I love

A fireplace, which is ridiculous, but still cool (note our vaulted ceilings)

From the outside

I'll put some pictures up when I get there of how it all looks after the BF has set things up :)
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