Fourth of July

Now that we're pretty much caught up in a general moving sense, I can delve into what we've actually been up to. Honestly, it's not much; we mostly just hang out in the evenings watching baseball or going to the pool. But the weekends are another story.

The first weekend we were both here was the 4th of July. Luckily for us, DC knows how to do the 4th. We headed down via metro to the National Mall for the A Capitol Fourth concert and the National Fireworks. We got there about 3pm and got a nice spot on the hill within a stone's throw of the Capitol Building.

Capitol Building!

The concert didn't start until 8, so we just kind of hung out and played backgammon for a few hours. A friend of mine from college (we met through my best friends who went to Purdue, and she and I have stayed in touch over the years) is in DC for the summer and she happened to be there too, so we hung out with her later in the evening. We packed a picnic and had a merry time.

Quite a lot of people

The concert itself was decent, although some of the singers we couldn't hear or understand very well. However, I mostly cared about the concert because Josh Groban was there singing... I think he has a wonderful, wonderful voice so I was very happy.

It still counts even if I could only see him on a screen...

And the fireworks were great! We picked out spot on the hill because we would have a good view of the fireworks, and we definitely did except for the smoke blowing in front of them (the wind was coming toward us). They shoot off the fireworks at the Lincoln Memorial so that they explode around the Washington Monument. Very cool.

None of my pictures turned out very well, unfortunately

And last but not least, I really like this picture I got of the Capitol Building as we were leaving. It was so pretty!

Looks like a postcard photo
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