Some Things I Really Want To Do Near DC

If all goes as planned, we really only have about a year and a half left near DC. While I unfortunately have to spend a lot of time on schoolwork, I try to get as much done during the week as possible so we can enjoy doing things on weekends. I would really like to start knocking out some of these things while we are living (relatively) close to the Capital.

- Go to Gravelly Point, pack a picnic, and watch the planes come in to Reagan
- Go to Roosevelt Island and hike around
- Go to the US Botanical Gardens
- Go to the Mansion on O Street for something (secret doors!)
- Go to the Kennedy Center for a free concert at 6pm during the week
- Go to several of the summer concert series that happen around here (Silver Spring, on the National Mall, up with friends in Baltimore, etc)
- Check out the Smithsonian Castle
- Go to the National Arboretum
- See the French Impressionist exhibit at the National Gallery of Art
- Go to Mount Vernon
- Go to Alexandria
- Go to Arlington
- Go to the DAR Museum (Daughters of the American Revolution)
- Go to Ben's Chili Bowl
- Go to a Washington Wizards game
- Go to Annapolis
- Take a cruise/boat trip of some kind down the Potomac
- Also on the Anacostia
- Go on a tour of the White House
- Go to a beach in Delaware
- Hit up all the DC breweries
- Go to the Woodrow Wilson House Museum
- Go to the National Archives
- Go to a Capitals game
- Go to the Library of Congress
- Check out Ford's Theater
- Check out the Dumbarton House
- Take the train to New York
- Go into one of the Embassies
- Go to the College Park Aviation Museum
- Do Cherry Blossom Festival activities

This isn't nearly everything I can think of right now. We also have a lot of things to do around Baltimore (we live waaay closer to Baltimore) and the surrounding Maryland/Virginia/coastal area.

Better get going!
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