Ellicott City & Ellicott Mills Brewery

Since I had class until late last Tuesday, Eric and I decided to go out for Valentine's Day this past Friday instead. I had heard from a few people that Ellicott City, near Baltimore, was a cute town to go check out, and they happen to have a brewery, so I thought it would be a fun place for us to go for dinner. (Breweries are one of our "things" and I also love little towns.)

Clock in front of the B & O Railroad Museum
Ellicott City's historic district is pretty cute, full of antique stores and random other little shops. 

We saw this over one of the more interesting-looking shops...
we think it's a bear blowing bubbles
Most are located off Main Street, which makes them easy to find. :) We got up there around 4:30, and most things close around 5 or 5:30, so we didn't get to check out too much. But we did get to stop into a few antique stores and found a couple of lighthouses (I want to have all the lighthouses we've been to) and a couple of packs of nice playing cards. The two antique stores we were able to get to were Taylor Mall and Antique Depot, both big stores with several floors.

Looking up Main St (we're near the Railroad Museum)
Once the carpets rolled up on the businesses, we went to eat. Ellicott Mills Brewery looked like it would be nice.
Sign over the door
It's pricey (although we are still desperately holding on to our Midwestern pricing scheme, so maybe it's normal for this area), but by the time we finished there were a ton of other people in the restaurant as well. There is a downstairs area where the bar is and upstairs area for regular restaurant seating (which is where we were). The beer was fairly tasty. I had their Marzen and Eric had the Jack Frost. The food was pretty good; we got a crap dip to start, which was very good, and Eric had a pulled pork sandwich and I had a burger. (Like I said, it was pricey, and all the main entrees were in the $20 range.) The service we got wasn't the best...but it looked like other servers were better. (For example, we were barely halfway into our $10 crap dip when our entrees came out. Unacceptable. I want to enjoy my appetizer, especially when it costs more than my entree.)

Crab dip in a bread bowl
All in all, we had a nice evening (experiences are made by the person you're with!), but we definitely won't be back to the brewery. We do need to come back to Ellicott City, though, because that's where the B & O Railroad Museum is!

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