Utilizing the Library for Resource Books

I have always been a fan of the library. When I was a little kid my mom would take my brother and me to our local library (which happens to have been designed by world-famous architect I.M. Pei) all the time. Literally, because I tore through books like you would not believe. I was one of those kids who would finish the Summer Reading Club, which is supposed to keep the kids reading all summer, in two days. My hometown library is still my all-time favorite library (there is something magical about it, I think), but now that I'm not there anymore I make sure to still take advantage of all the other libraries I can. Right now, this means our local Montgomery County library and my GW campus libraries.

At the GW Virginia library, I stumbled upon a section just for local Virginia books, and this gave me a great idea. No matter how many resources there are available online, there is just something about holding a book and flipping through it to see all of the downright awesome things you can do in an area. I found several books about things to do and places to go around DC and Virginia (now I just need to find the equivalent for Maryland). And now, of course, my list of things to do around here has grown (seemingly) exponentially. Oops! :)

My advice, therefore, if you're looking for interesting things to do around your area, is to head to your local library and find some guidebooks. You will get more ideas than you have time for, and it will be fabulous!
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