Bloomington, IN: Cincinnati Reds Caravan - Western Tour Stop

Saturday morning the Reds Caravan rolled into town. I volunteered to report for Redleg Nation, and you can read my full write-up about it over there! You can also read more about Eric's analytics question on his website. Here are a few more photos from the day:

There were around 200-300 people total here, we figure (the autograph line is to the left, cut off from the photo).

From left: Marty Brennaman (voice of the Reds on the radio), Tucker Barnhart (minor league catcher from Brownsburg, IN), Brayan Pena (new catcher), Eric Davis (member of the 1990 World Series championship team), Doug Flynn (glue-guy of the Big Red Machine), and Bob Miller (assistant general manager). Eric Davis and Marty Brennaman were definitely the marquee names, but it was a good group.

I was pretty excited to be up there on stage with all those guys.

Eric getting Marty's autograph and harassing him about wearing a blue sweater to the Reds event.

Tucker looked excited because I had asked him a question earlier in the Q&A session about playing in the minor leagues. I think he was taken aback, both to be getting asked a question and to be getting asked a question by a girl!

Eric Davis was super funny. We also saw him in Cooperstown at Barry Larkin's induction but didn't get to meet him there. This was awesome.

These guys were joking about baseball movies.

Brayan Pena thought I was taking a photo of him and gave a thumbs-up in the background, which is awesome.

Eric getting Doug Flynn's autograph. Bob Miller off to the side is talking about what kind of tea he wants from the food court (haha).

I went down the line with a baseball to get autographs, and Eric had them sign specific baseball cards. We have a display case for all the important/meaningful baseballs we have, and also have a baseball card plaque that rotates between various baseball cards. So this ball is in the case now, and the new autographs have been rotated into the card plaque. (If you haven't been to our condo, you should know that about 97% of the decorations on the main level are sports-related. Best decor ever.)
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