Ludington, MI: Ludington North Breakwater Light

After Little Sable Point, the next lighthouse on the map was Ludington North Breakwater Light. This was a fun lighthouse to go to because of the long breakwall pier you can walk out on to get to it.

It was actually really hot this day (unlike the majority of our trip) and getting out there involved walking on hot sand :) But it was definitely worth it. Can you imagine what going out here at sunset would be like? Just beautiful.

We popped into this lighthouse to see what was inside. There was a small gift shop and you could go to the top for $3. We both had left our wallets in the car (thinking the other would have theirs, ha!) so we couldn't go up or buy anything, but it was nice that you could if you wanted.

Do you like lighthouses that are out in the water (via pier) or on the mainland better? I think both are charming. The mainland lights are usually nicer to look at, though. We have yet to physically go to a lighthouse that is only reachable by boat (like where we get off the boat and go to the lighthouse), although we have ridden past some that are on islands and those totally count in my list.
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