Muskegon, MI: Michigan's Adventure - Thunderhawk

Thunderhawk was the fifth ride we rode at Michigan's Adventure.
This was the first suspended looping ride in the state of Michigan (2008). It was originally located at Geauga Lake in Ohio under the name Serial Thriller (1998) and moved here after Cedar Fair decided that Geauga Lake was only going to be a water park and renamed to Wildwater Kingdom (we went there near the end of this trip). It's steel and besides having an interesting corkscrew in the middle, it's not anything special. Our wait in line was very short and they had two trains running. There is whiplash at the end, which is unfortunate because otherwise it wasn't too bumpy.

Maria - 5/10
Eric - 5/10

Link to Video
The ride from the point of view from the front car can be found here. We don't take videos or photos when we ride so all the links to videos will be from other people.

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Muskegon, MI: Michigan's Adventure - Thunderhawk Muskegon, MI: Michigan's Adventure - Thunderhawk Reviewed by Maria on 3:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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