Huron, OH: Lake Front Park

We had a couple of well-deserved days of no roller coasters while staying with Eric's mom near Sandusky.
We finished up at Cuyahoga Valley National Park and headed to Cleveland. Eric went to undergrad at Case Western and I wanted to see it. I had never been to Cleveland before. We happened to be coming through the same week as the Republic National Convention, so I probably got a weird view of the city and especially the campus. There were National Guard soldiers stationed in front of buildings and dorms, so we didn't go inside anywhere, but we were able to walk all over campus with no problems. It was definitely a lot cooler (and a lot bigger) than I expected and I am so glad we went.

For dinner we went to the Winking Lizard on Coventry Road, a place Eric frequented often, which had an actual lizard in an aquarium. We managed to get there, order, and eat within 25 minutes (they close promptly at 10:30pm). This location is now closed (we made it just in time on multiple levels) so I am equally glad we got to go here and experience it.

Our original plan was to stay in Cleveland this night and do other Cleveland-y things the next day (Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, etc.) but the prices on hotels were crazy, so we wound up driving toward Sandusky and got to Eric's mom's house late that night. We spent Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday helping her move into her new house and get settled in.

Sunday evening two of our friends came to join us for our last and best park, Cedar Point. Telesilla is another student in Eric's PhD program and Serge is her boyfriend who was visiting from France. Serge loves roller coasters and they had been trying to find a time to come join us on the trip. Cedar Point worked out perfectly.

When they got to the house, we went over to see Lake Erie, only a few minutes from Eric's mom's house, before going to dinner. Our first stop was Lake Front Park in Huron. That link is a Google Maps point, and there is also a sign off the main road directing you to a park. There is a small parking lot and a great view of the lake, and of Cedar Point in the distance.

There are plenty of rocks to climb by the water. We also found a ton of flat stones for skipping. Telesilla got in the water up to her knees where there was sort of a swimming area, but no one else did (there were lots of kids in the water here). There is also a playground and a bench to sit and watch the water.

It's a nice little park if you need a stop or want to look at the water.
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