Aurora, OH: Wildwater Kingdom

Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora, OH, was the fifth park we did on our road trip, on July 21st.
If you are looking at this post and thinking, "She just wrote about Wildwater Kingdom?", you are not crazy. Cedar Fair has two water parks with the exact same name.

We drove here from Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA, stopping for the night in State College so we could check out Penn State. The Wildwater Kingdom in Ohio is near-ish to Cleveland but is still sort of out in the middle of nowhere.

This Wildwater Kingdom has a crazy, fascinating, heartbreaking history. You absolutely must take some time and read about it at this article.

You should also read Eric's write up of this park and the other water park at Dorney Park.

We were so, so tired by the time we made it here, and we mostly stopped here because we were going to go to Cleveland anyway. (Eric doesn't really like water parks. I do, because I never get nauseous on water rides.) We didn't get to the entrance until about 4pm. So we only rode one ride, Liquid Lightning, went around a few times on the lazy river (Riptide Run), and spent a few cycles in the wave pool. We probably should have ridden Thunder Falls but we were just kind of done. (We had already driven several hours and had just done four other amusement parks in the last four days.)

We spent about an hour here, then headed over to Cuyahoga Valley National Park about 30 minutes away. We took a few days break before our next (and turns out, last) coaster park on our trip, which was much needed.
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