Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - sooperdooperLooper

sooperdooperLooper was the second ride we rode at Hersheypark.
This was the first looping coaster on the East Coast (1977) and is a steel, smooth ride. There is only a lap bar even though it loops, which made me nervous. Eric thought the ride was boring. I thought it was fine, but I tend to overrate coasters that are smooth since that's a big part of what I look for.

Maria - 5/10
Eric - 2/10

Link to Video
The ride from the point of view from the front car can be found here. We don't take videos or photos when we ride so all the links to videos will be from other people.

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Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - sooperdooperLooper Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - sooperdooperLooper Reviewed by Maria on 10:00:00 AM Rating: 5


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