Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - Skyrush

Skyrush was the first (and also final) ride we rode at Hersheypark.
This steel coaster takes you up over 200 ft and sends you back down at 85 degrees...it's pretty awesome. This is the first ride we gave a rating of 10 to on the trip. The train design is minimal (there is space in between the seats) and is a newer kind of winged coaster (2012). The track design was very cool; Eric liked it especially because he felt like you could reach out and touch things (do not do this - you're going 75mph and will get hurt, but he likes that kind of feeling). The ride is incredibly smooth. You should ride this. We rode it as our first ride and our last ride of the day (there are two ratings below, one for each ride). The second ride wasn't quite as awesome as the first one, maybe because we knew what was coming or maybe because it was dark, but it was still great.

Maria - 10/10, 9/10
Eric - 10/10, 9/10

Link to Video
The ride from the point of view from the front car can be found here. We don't take videos or photos when we ride so all the links to videos will be from other people.

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Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - Skyrush Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - Skyrush Reviewed by Maria on 3:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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