Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - Lightning Racer

Lightning Racer was the seventh ride we rode at Hersheypark.

This is a wooden racer (two trains on two separate tracks race against each other). I was nervous to ride anything wooden after my Wildcat experience earlier, so Eric rode this one first without me to see how bumpy it was. He came back saying it was really good and he would like riding again. The photos are of him alone in the red train pictured.

This is a really fun racer, better than the one at Kings Island. The tracks are interlacing with staggered hills and designed to make each train feel like it's winning at different points in the ride. We were pleased with how fun it was. It was also pretty smooth, which I appreciated!

Maria - 8/10
Eric - 8/10, 8/10

Link to Video
The ride from the point of view from the front car can be found here. We don't take videos or photos when we ride so all the links to videos will be from other people.

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Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - Lightning Racer Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - Lightning Racer Reviewed by Maria on 3:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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