Hershey, PA: Hersheypark - The Wildcat

The Wildcat was the fifth ride we rode at Hersheypark.
This was my worst experience on a ride during our entire trip, but Eric enjoyed himself on it. It is a wooden ride from 1996 that has been historically rough to ride; it even got new trains in 2007 to try to make it better. Well...I cannot imagine riding this pre-2007. I got bounced around an incredible amount and legitimately thought I would be sick (very unusual now that I have the anti-nausea medicine). Eric says there were cool views of the park (he could see into the stadium where the Paul McCartney concert was happening) and the track went over itself in a cool way. I do not remember anything except wanting it to be over, so your experience may vary. There is a lap bar and the seats are quite small in older-coaster fashion, so there isn't much holding you in to keep from bouncing. As we got off the ride I warned Eric that I was going to look awful in the picture... we walked by it, laughed as I looked quite ill, and Eric jokingly told the girl working the stand that we didn't think we wanted that one. I needed to sit down and take a break for several minutes outside this ride.

Maria - 2/10
Eric - 6/10

Link to Video
The ride from the point of view from the front car can be found here. We don't take videos or photos when we ride so all the links to videos will be from other people.

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