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Another snack subscription box I signed up for is nibblr. Nibblr sends four snack packs as often as you want - weekly, every other week, or monthly. One great thing about nibblr is you can pay for 1, 4, or 12 boxes at a time, and the price goes down the more you pay for at once (so if you paid for 1 box at a time, it would be $5.99/box, but if you paid for 4 boxes at a time, the price drops down to $5.75/box, etc). 

This was my fourth and final nibblr box! I have my subscription "paused" right now and will see if I need more snacks come summer. We are traveling so much in the next few months that our mailbox will be totally overrun if I keep everything coming. Being able to pause a subscription is a great idea.

Berry's Hat Trick: pomegranate infused cranberries, blueberry pomegranate fruit pieces, and dried strawberries snack mix

This was awesome, especially the dried strawberries. You know my feelings on dried fruit (love it) and this was no exception. I enjoy eating dried fruit for breakfast and this was perfect for that.

Key Lime Bliss: key lime cookies, lime granola clusters, and toasted coconut snack mix

I've only had real key lime pie a couple of times (both good) and was really looking forward to this. It tasted exactly like a key lime pie. I had it for dessert after lunch one day and was a very happy camper.

My Ipanema Love: banana chips, currants, and Brazil nuts snack mix

This was okay. I must not be a fan of banana chips, but the currants were good. The nuts were new to me and were fine, but I can't say I would seek them out.

Curry Up: coconut curry pretzel pearls, toasted coconut, and pistachios snack mix

All of the coconut and curry had me worried, but this was actually pretty good! I was pleasantly surprised. I was also really happy the pistachios were already shelled for me (ha!).

Nibblr prints the nutrition facts right on the packaging, and you can also check them out on their website, where you can rate snacks you receive as "love it", "like it", "interested", or "no thanks". If you're interested in trying out nibblr, you can click here and use my referral code 1510 to get a box for free!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this review and all opinions are my own.
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