Manitowic, WI: Manitowic Breakwater Lighthouse

After leaving Green Bay, we headed down the lakeside of Wisconsin and made our way to the Manitowic Breakwater Lighthouse. The fact that I even know the name of this lighthouse (without digging out our Lake Michigan lighthouse map) is kind of impressive, because there were literally no signs anywhere telling us what this was. I figured it out by looking up the location data on my photos, then searching for lighthouses near Manitowic, Wisconsin. Thanks, Internet!

This lighthouse is at the end of a long walk that starts in a parking lot at a marina.

It's way out here.

So out there, there are cruise ships that sail next to it.

At least we got some exercise :) This was probably the longest walk we had to get to a lighthouse that we could see. It definitely looked a lot closer than it was.
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