Green Bay, WI: Lambeau Field Drive-by

Since we have such a penchant for sports, while on vacations we try to check out other teams' stadiums. Since we were already in Green Bay, there was no excuse to not go see Lambeau Field.

You can take a tour but since neither of us have much interest in the Packers, and we didn't have that much time to spend, we decided against it. But it was fun to see the outside of it!

We literally just looked up the address and drove around the building.

Do you go stadium-spotting? Or anything-spotting? Other things we go to on travels include lighthouses, breweries, and waterfalls. I bet after hearing about this whole trip you never would have guessed any of those ;)
Green Bay, WI: Lambeau Field Drive-by Green Bay, WI: Lambeau Field Drive-by Reviewed by Maria on 3:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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