Nashville, TN: Elliston Place Soda Shop

Almost as soon as we got to the Parthenon, Amanda and I saw two girls our age with ice cream cones. We proceeded to spend way too long trying to find the stand where they got them because we had to have ice cream (despite the fact that it wasn't all that warm out). Eventually we gave up and decided to find an ice cream place to go to instead. I pulled up "ice cream nearby" on my phone and happened to click on a dot that said "soda shop".

I have this thing about soda shops. I will blame Zaharako's and my endless obsession with old things and times and feelings that don't really exist anymore (I was born in the wrong time period). As soon as I see a soda shop exists nearby (especially if it claims to have an old-fashioned soda fountain), I want to go to it. Somehow I convinced the others that we should go to this soda shop instead of Ben & Jerry's or Maggie Moo's, and off we went.

Elliston Place Soda Shop sticks out on the road it's on because everything else around it is super modern looking. You know the new kinds of buildings I'm talking about, with solid facades and color blocking and usually there is not one bit of architectural interest involved (unless you like flat things).

I don't know how the food is, and we weren't there to try it. The decor was awesome. The signs on the walls were really what they actually had for sale (which is not something you see very often when these style signs are present). Purity Dairies is milk from Nashville, and I definitely like enjoying local products.

The soda fountain wasn't like some others I've seen, but that isn't to say it didn't produce some good tasting treats. Instead of an ice cream cone, we saw something on the menu that we'd never heard of before: ice cream soda. We had to try it. It was flavored syrup, mixed soda (carbonated water?) and ice cream, more soda, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. I got a chocolate one and Amanda got a strawberry (spoiler: strawberry is absolutely the way to go, and you have no idea how much that pains me as I am a chocolate girl through and through). Eric had a root beer float and Jarrod had a chocolate malt, which was the maltiest malt I've ever had in my life.

It was a fun treat to go out for ice cream, sit at the counter, and chat with the two people working. We were there around 5pm so it wasn't too crowded, but as we were leaving the restaurant was filling up. There were counter space, booths, and dining tables to sit at, but it wasn't a big place at all.

If you are in this part of town anyway and have a penchant for old-timey places, it was fun to check out (there is street parking available right in front).
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