Chicago, IL: Wrigley Field Drive-by

Just like we did the Lambeau Field drive-by, we also did a Wrigley Field drive-by. I really wanted to be able to take a tour but it wasn't in the cards for this trip.

My brother lives in Chicago and was our driver and travel companion while we were in town. It was awesome to see him (he is the busiest person I have ever known), and we got to spend a lot of time together in the two days we saw him.

I was excited to see Wrigley in real life. My dad is a Cubs fan (left over from the fact that when he immigrated to the United States, he lived near Chicago), so it was cool to see where the team that I have a lot of random pajama shirts for plays.

Also, this giant macaroni was across the street.

And I just liked this sign. "We sell tickets and cool stuff."

Have you been to Wrigley? Eric's been on a tour already but I haven't been, so I want to go!
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