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How was your weekend? I spent mine holed up on the couch sneezing and sleeping. I feel a lot better this morning (still not 100%), but I wish I had another day of weekend to catch up.

I did feel good enough last night to start planning our Spring Break trip. We are heading down to Florida in a couple of weeks and seeing a bunch of friends and some family on the way. We'll be doing a day in Nashville with one of my best friends and her husband, a couple days on a bay in Pensacola with a friend from high school, hanging out with my cousin on his live-aboard boat in Panama City, and staying on the beach with my aunt and uncle in Port St Joe before heading back north. I am sure everyone will understand when I say we desperately need to experience some warm weather after this winter we've had. I also start going into withdrawal when I haven't seen a large body of water in a while. I have the sea in my blood and I'm drawn to it like crazy.

I love the planning phase of traveling. There are so many interesting options for things to do and see, and narrowing it down is hard, but getting some semblance of itinerary is a huge part of the fun of traveling for me. I like to make a flexible plan for our days (with contingency options for if it rains or it's too cold to do something) so we can get our time's worth, while also having built-in time for beach laying. Over the past few years, I feel like I've better learned to digest the options out there and pick the ones I think we'll both enjoy the most (I think the current magic ratio for us, which is what I'm doing to plan for this trip and see how it works, is to do one to three sightseeing/active things per day, have a few hours of relaxation time, and find a brewery to eat at - ha). Pretty sure I should work in the travel industry (tour guide perhaps?).

How do you plan your trips? Have you been down to the Panhandle recently and have any suggestions?
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