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How was your weekend? Ours was fairly low-key. Friday night we did some shopping, and Saturday we watched basketball day. Normally all-day basketball sessions are great, but when every single team you care about loses, it is not very fun. I am ready for March Madness, but I am also ready to be sorely disappointed by the time we are heading to Dallas for the Final Four (maybe someone will surprise us...please?). The weather on Saturday was supposedly warm (in the 50s) but it looked like it was going to rain any second, so we stayed inside. Then the weather on Sunday looked super warm and sunny, but the snow on the ground not melting was the giveaway that it was in the 30s most of the day. Tricky Midwest weather, but it's the only weather I know ;) (All the other places we've lived have seriously thrown me for loops weather-wise; at least in Indiana I know if I just wait 5 minutes, the weather'll change!)

One thing I did accomplish was to "finish" planning out our Spring Break trip, which mostly means having a general idea of things to do in each area we'll be in. I do write these out by day since I think it helps to see what all we could potentially do (I try to make it make sense geographically), but we don't necessarily stick to the plans, since weather, mood, and interests can all change. I read a bunch of travel books from the library and hopefully we'll be able to do several of the things on the list, along with getting to relax as well. We will be in Nashville, Pensacola, Panama City, and Port St Joe. We're staying with family and friends the whole time which is awesome and kills two birds with one stone, and I am really excited! I've been to Panama City before (Spring Break 2009 with a bunch of the DPU XC team, which was awesome; we camped in St Andrews State Park and had a tornado!), and we're swinging by this year to see my cousin who lives on his sailboat down there. I've also been to the Port St Joe/Apalachicola area before, but it was a loooong time ago and the only thing I remember is my aunt and uncle's house, key lime pie, and the beach. Ha! I've never been to Nashville (although I have an uncle there) or to Pensacola.

Have you been to the Panhandle or to Nashville? Any tips? There are about a million nature-y and outdoorsy things to do, as well as beautiful beaches, so I'm very much hoping we have nice weather!

Hope you have a great week. And also hope we don't get this late-winter snowstorm we're predicted to get on Wednesday! (60 degrees on Tuesday...4-8 inches of snow on Wednesday. Welcome to the Midwest!)
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