Bloomington, IN: Butch's Grillacatessen & Eatzeria

Yesterday was one guy's birthday at work and we went out to eat at lunch to celebrate. He was craving Butch's, so off we piled into a car to drive over to 7th Street. The guys are always surprised when I tell them I haven't eaten somewhere in Bloomington (seriously, we only moved here 7 months ago and we don't eat out that often), so they make sure to tell me about all the places they really like. This is one of them.

Butch's is at 7th and Walnut. When we arrived a little before noon, there was only one other person there and all of the parking meter spots were empty (I didn't see a parking lot). As we ate lunch more people came in and out, so I think we got there at a great time.

There are TVs for watching games (I guess this is how you really know you're in a college town that follows sports - every single restaurant, even if it's a pizza place, has at least one TV) and plenty of seating, along with the also-ubiquitous (which I love) pictures of various Indiana-related things on the walls.

One thing I liked from a design and functionality perspective was these little shelves for the condiments. The table didn't get cluttered with this stuff (more room for pizza and fitting five people around a lunch table).

Butch's offers a whole lot more than just pizza, but the guys were pretty adamant about my trying the pizza, and in particular, trying The Godfather. The Chicken Godfather is chicken cutlet, garlic oil, bacon, Russian dressing (which the guys called vodka sauce, and which I think is similar to thousand island), and cheese.

It was pretty good! The pizza is thin crust while I normally go for thicker crust on my pizza, and I don't normally eat bacon, but I thought the combination of flavors was good, and I understand why the guys like it so much. It was the only thing I ate here so I can't vouch for anything else on their menu, but all of us got pizza yesterday and we all liked it.

For reference, the slice was $3 + tax, but it was a big slice (way bigger than I expected), it had interesting ingredients, and it tasted good. On certain days of the week they have specials (the guys like to go on Tuesdays). The special yesterday (Wednesday) was 2 slices and a fountain drink for $6.75. I don't drink much soda and one slice was plenty for me, but all the guys got two slices.

Have you been to Butch's? There are an awful lot of good, local, staple, Bloomington pizza places (Mother Bear's and Aver's are two others people really like), and luckily I have these college kids around to show me around the best places in town.
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