Monday Notes

Well, what a weekend for some intense basketball games! I'm sad about Dayton and Michigan St losing, but thank goodness Kentucky pulled it off versus Michigan so we'll have someone to cheer for in Dallas later this week! We have Final Four tickets again and I am pretty excited. Last year was fun but it'll be better to have a team we have attachments to playing.

In other you know what today is? Happy Opening Day!!! Baseball is back! We are having a small Opening Day party tonight to watch the Reds play the Cardinals. Thanks to Eric I love baseball, and once basketball is done I will focus almost exclusively on it (until the Pacers are in the playoffs and the World Cup starts, anyway). I hope we'll be able to get to a game or two in Cincinnati this year, since for the first time in years, we aren't too far away.

Did you have a good weekend? Any fun plans for this week?
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