Marquette, MI: Sugarloaf Mountain

Our final day in Marquette was absolutely gorgeous, and on the recommendation of Ali, we decided to try to find Sugarloaf Mountain (we had tried earlier in the week and, uh, didn't go far enough). She told us it had a spectacular view at the top, and with such a beautiful day, we wanted to check it out. (PS. Here is another great write-up of Sugarloaf Mountain!) It's located on County Road 550, which is Hawley St back in town. It's hard to miss the turn off with this giant sign.

There is a large parking lot that was almost full when we were there. At the trailhead, the hike divides into "difficult" and "easy" trails. We took the difficult trail (which wasn't particularly difficult, about 15 minutes to the top without trying) on the way up and the easy trail on the way down. The easy trail takes longer but isn't as steep. Both trails have lots of rocks and roots. When we got almost to the summit, Eric decided he would stop taking the stairs and pathways and climbed up the side of the mountain instead. He beat me to the top.

The view from the top is outstanding. I'm so happy we had such a nice day. You actually get several different views. This is looking toward Marquette (you can see the giant indoor football stadium from here, it's that white dome).

This is looking behind Marquette, almost directly west.

And this is looking north-northeast, above Marquette.

There are several observation platforms at the top, and it is easy to get around. There were lots of other people up here (we were here around lunchtime) and everyone was enjoying the beauty.

I'm very glad we did this. It is totally worth the drive and hike. Bring water if it's too warm (we left ours in the car and didn't miss it). Enjoy the view!
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