Monday Notes

Well, we are back from Spring Break! We had a really lovely time down in Florida. Saturday we drove to Nashville and spent a fun day with my friend Amanda and her husband, then Sunday we drove to Pensacola to spend a few days with another friend Venus. Sunday it rained basically the entire time (almost 400 dreary miles on I-65), and Monday it was still drizzly and chilly, but Tuesday morning the rain had stopped and we were able to get out kayaking in the bay next to Venus' house. By Wednesday we had beautiful weather for our sailing trip with my cousin Paul in Panama City, and we continued to have completely perfect (sunny and 70s) weather for the rest of our trip while in Port St Joe with my aunt and uncle. We spent most of our time on the beach or eating (my uncle is a very good cook and they fed us entirely too well) or watching basketball. We got back to Bloomington late Saturday night and eased back into things yesterday. Never again will I go to the grocery store at lunchtime on a Sunday, especially after I've just been relaxing and not having to take care of food decisions for a week. It looks like our lovely weather is coming to an end with our break (does the weather report really say it's going to snow on Tuesday?) until later in the week, so we really will be jolted out of vacation mode. Luckily it's only a couple more weeks until we get to head off somewhere again!
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