Goals Recap - Week 12

You'll notice these weren't up on Friday like usual but instead today (Sunday). I tried to not be on the computer very much (except for watching basketball games online) while on vacation.

Goals for Blog
  • Regular Posting Schedule - All the posts I had scheduled ran as planned. I did not do a Friday Photos post and this goals post is going up late, but that doesn't bother me.
  • Design - Nothing new here.
  • Exposure - To be honest I was not paying very much attention to the blog while on vacation :)
Goals for Self
  • Health/Wellness - Vacations are always good. I had a couple of long walks on the beach (both with Eric and by myself), we got in some kayaking and sailing, and by the end of the week the weather was perfect. I feel refreshed but not particularly ready to go back to work ;)
  • Education - Nothing new this week.
  • Business - Nothing new this week.
How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions/goals? This little recap definitely keeps me thinking about what I want to be doing this year! Thanks for reading :)
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