Nashville, TN: Mickey Roos

When planning our Nashville trip, Amanda and I had thrown out the idea of going to the Bluebird Cafe for dinner on Saturday night to get in some live music while in town. Too late we realized that we needed to have reservations (especially for a Saturday), so Amanda and Jarrod took us to a different restaurant with live music that they really like down in Franklin, TN.

I really wanted to hear some live music while in Nashville, since it is Music City, and we were finally getting hungry after our ice cream stop. Mickey Roos is in Franklin, about 30 minutes away from where they live in Nashville, so we started out around 7:30 to get to the restaurant by 8. (Last time they had been, the place was so crowded there were hardly any seats left.) I didn't have a preference for what kind of music we were going to listen to, and we wound up lucking out like crazy, which was apparent from the very first song.

The Boomers were playing, and they were absolutely fantastic. They played a lot of classic rock from the 60s-80s and it was very well done.

The restaurant was incredibly loud but we didn't mind. We were there to eat and listen to music. The food was good, too. I had some kind of giant baked potato with pulled pork on top. Eric had three different meats with the best onion straws ever (so good I even asked for the recipe). It was a great finish to our day in Nashville.
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