Grand Marais, MI: Grand Marais Lighthouse

When we finished up driving through Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, we headed into Grand Marais for dinner.

Warning: there is basically nothing in Grand Marais. We did not expect this (it's actually on the map so there must be something there, right?!), so we were in for a bit of surprise. We stopped at one of two restaurants in town. It was busy and we didn't have great service (and they ran out of all the beers I wanted to try), but the food was fine. If we had known, though, we might have packed a light dinner to picnic on somewhere instead of trying to eat at a restaurant.

One reason we went all the way through to Grand Marais was because I wanted to see a lighthouse. So we headed to check out the Grand Marais Lightstation, which wasn't far from the restaurant. The road to it was under construction and it is right next to a bunch of houses. I was kind of worried that we weren't supposed to be there, but like usual Eric talked some sense into me and we went around the construction to park near the lighthouse.

Of course, the lighthouses that feel like the hardest to get to are the ones that are pretty much the worst to look at - ha! Although the sunset in the photo in the link above sure makes it look a lot prettier :)

We drove back to Marquette after this, and one thing we definitely would have planned better was the timing of that! We wound up driving directly west exactly when the sun was setting. So if you are taking a daytrip through Pictured Rocks, remember to think about what time the sun will be setting (or rising) so it isn't in your eyes for an hour!
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