Subscription Review: Birchbox (March 2014)

I have really been looking forward to getting my Birchbox box each month, and I was very happy it came before Spring Break!

Everything on my information card looked useful to me in some way.

First up was the Ghirardelli chocolate. I am always extremely happy when Birchbox has some kind of food bonus in the box, because so far it has always been good (and always involved chocolate). This was no exception. I love Ghirardelli chocolates. I'd never had this kind, but I like dark chocolate, cherries, and almonds, and it was good.

If I didn't already have so many hair products to use up, I would definitely buy the Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper. It's water based so it doesn't make your hair stiff at all (it also hasn't been weighing it down or making it greasy, which some other products do), and it's been keeping my hair frizz-free. Someday when I finish the 5 other things I have, I might just buy this and not use anything else.

One thing I love about sample boxes is (large) sample sizes. These things are perfect for traveling, and I am always saving up face washes to take with us when we travel (my normal face wash comes in a bigger bottle). I really liked this Vasanti Brighten Up face wash. The exfoliating beads are super tiny and just felt like a mini massage instead of feeling like they were going to rub my skin off (which is what it normally feels like when I have a face wash with exfoliating beads). Plus it smells really good.

One of the products I was most excited to try (and why I was so anxious for the box to get here before Spring Break) was the Coola Mineral Sunscreen. It's a tinted 30 SPF sunscreen and I wanted to wear it in Florida! I wore it the entire week we were down there (it spread and covered well). I'm not sure how well it worked since I don't generally burn anyway and I did wind up with a bunch of freckles, but my skin felt smooth and I liked the product.

The Air Repair Rescue Balm is a lip balm and thick lotion. I tried it on my hands, but it is just too thick to do anything other than pinpoint really specific skin areas. However, I have been putting it on my lips, and that is fantastic.

I like getting tea in boxes, because they usually send out things I wouldn't buy myself (and I drink a lot of tea). These are cool. The tea bags are a fine mesh and look so fancy. So far I've tried the chamomile orange one and it was good.

I thought this was a great box and I really liked all the products!

If you are interested in signing up for Birchbox, click here, which is my referral link. It's $10/month or $110/year, and I have really been enjoying it the past few months. Birchbox has a fun points system where you can review the samples you get to receive 10 points each, and for each 100 points you have, it counts as $10 in their store. It's a pretty good deal (if you really like something, you can save up and get it for free!). You can also get points by referring people or by buying products in the store (actually money you spend is $1 = 1 point).

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.
Subscription Review: Birchbox (March 2014) Subscription Review: Birchbox (March 2014) Reviewed by Maria on 10:00:00 AM Rating: 5

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