Panama City, FL: Sailing in St Andrew Bay

Our Wednesday in Florida finally felt like real Spring Break. It was sunny, 70s, and beautiful. It was the perfect day to go sailing. My cousin lives in Panama City and took us out on his boat, where we relaxed on the water for four great hours.

There are lots of companies in Panama City that'll take you out sailing or dolphin watching if you don't happen to have a cousin with a boat. We wound up seeing dolphins at the very end of our sail as we were pulling back into the marina. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't mind going sailing every day with weather like this. Half my family either has a boat currently or has had one before (including several who live/have lived on their boats), so it's in my blood, mixed in with the waves rippling through cornfields. I am a happy girl near a body of water. (I do think it'd be hard to leave my cornfields behind, though. I need to live somewhere that has big open fields, a big body of water, a mountain view, and old trees. Does that place exist?)
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