Goals Recap - Week 16

Not a terribly crazy or interesting week, just a lot of time at work. I did try my hand at making both yogurt and pasta, and they were both successful projects.

Goals for Blog
  • Regular Posting Schedule - Things were good here. I am liking the balance of travel/home so that I have lots of things to write about, and lots of time to write about them.
  • Design - Nothing new here.
  • Exposure - Nothing new here. 
Goals for Self
  • Health/Wellness - I exercised in some way every day this week, sometimes multiple times a day (a walk at lunch followed by biking at home, for instance). Now if only I can keep that up! I also made a lot of food from scratch this week which I really like doing to prevent unnecessary chemicals of some kind getting into our bodies (in total, I made bread, yogurt, pasta, and pasta sauce).
  • Education - Nothing new this week.
  • Business - Nothing new this week.
How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions/goals? This little recap definitely keeps me thinking about what I want to be doing this year! Thanks for reading :)
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