Port St Joe, FL: Beach

My aunt and uncle's house is just a short walk from a lovely stretch of ocean and white sand along the Forgotten Coast of Florida. If you haven't been to this area of Florida, it really is beautiful, especially when warm. The sand is white, the water is warm (actually, the Gulf side water in general is far superior to either the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans), there are lots of seashells, and there aren't too many people if you know where to go. Here are a few photos of our time in March:

It was definitely windy. My aunt got a couple of cool kites for us to play with. (I did attempt to hook the GoPro up to the kite and that was a huge, although funny, fail.)

There is a river that flows into the ocean somewhere north along this beach (I basically walked for a long time and found it accidentally). The color combination was crazy! The clear water on the left is the ocean.

These were from our last morning there, taken with the GoPro. I was the only person on the beach and it was so peaceful.

What's your favorite part of Florida? Growing up, we went to Naples every year for either Christmas or Spring Break. It was fantastic but I haven't been back in years. I've been to the Orlando area several times as well, and a few years ago Eric and I did a trip along the Space Coast for Spring Break. I haven't been further south than Naples and would love to go to the Keys at some point.
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