Pensacola, FL: Scenic Drive

Pensacola and the surrounding area are the only parts of Florida that have cliff bluffs. (Most of Florida is at, well, sea level.) We were recommended to do the Pensacola Scenic Highway to see the bluffs and for a nice drive. We were heading north on the highway, so my photos will be in that order, but we actually did the park second (on our way back south) since I missed the turn off the first time around.

The Bay Bluffs Park is super random if you don't know what you're looking at. We didn't (plus we were hungry) at the time, and I think we must have missed out on what could have been a cool view. There are multiple boardwalks and I don't know how to pick the best one...

We chose one at random and followed it down to a beach!

This was actually really cool. You have to get off the boardwalk and walk down a side trail to get to the beach. There's a train track and a nice view of the water. Our weather was still acting up at this point, but if you had a better day this would have been more beautiful. In any case, I think this must be what the scenic highway is talking about, but we didn't see a bluff. (Maybe we needed to keep going, or to chose a different boardwalk path to take.)

The first place we stopped at was actually the Old Chimney, but it is after the Bay Bluffs Park in real life.

I just thought it was kind of cool/random to have this giant chimney on the side of the road.

The drive continues up to Escambia, which is over a long bridge. We turned around right after that and headed back since it was dinner time. I wish there had been better (or any!) signage since I feel like we missed a lot of things, but we did have some pretty water views along the way (and saw some crazy houses).
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  1. Thanks for that chimney shot. I thought I had seen a lighthouse on that road!


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