Pensacola, FL: Pensacola Lighthouse

Across the street from the Naval Aviation Museum is the Pensacola Lighthouse.

At $6/ea it's a little pricier than we might normally spend on a lighthouse, but it is absolutely worth it, especially if you have a nice day. The rain had stopped and besides being a little chilly, it was just cloudy and we could still see very well. The top of the lighthouse is one of the highest places you can be in Florida.

There are also a museum (the keeper's house) and outdoor exhibits, which are interesting in their own rights.

This was one of the most interesting keeper's-quarters-to-lighthouse connections; usually there are two options: the keeper either lives in the lighthouse, or the keeper's house is disconnected from the lighthouse. At this one, there is a hallway connecting the two.

177 stairs to the top! There is a handrail on the outside, where you'll want to keep to, as well as a few windows to take a break at. The steps don't get much narrower as you go up, which was also a little unusual.

The view from the top was awesome.

This is looking out toward Ft Pickens. The closer water is the bay, the farther is the ocean.

Looking down from the top is always fun. We were up 191 feet.

The other side (not facing the water) has awesome views of the Naval Base. These water towers have the all the wings of the different kinds you can get as a naval aviator.

Here's the Naval Aviation Museum.

We got lucky and saw an F-18 taking off.

While in Pensacola we were staying with one of my friends from high school. She is in aviation school here and these are the planes she is flying right now. She was with us at the lighthouse and was telling us all about the various planes we were seeing come in and take off, which was just great to have. The lighthouse volunteer guy at the top also seemed really knowledgeable, and the two of them discussed some planes.

Eric takes photos through binoculars and they turn out awesome.

The drainage spouts were pretty cool.

Here's how you get back down ;)

This was probably one of my favorite lighthouse visits to date. Obviously we learned a lot by having my friend there to tell us things, but it was also great to be able to see the planes from a different view, as well as the water (of course).
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