Friday Photos

The week started off really nice. I went on a bike ride Tuesday after work. Then Wednesday it turned rainy...and yesterday we had a day of thunderstorms (which I love, at least when I can stay inside all day). The alternating rain and sun has the benefit of getting us some sprouts of currently-unknown plants in our little plot of garden!

I took those photos Wednesday right after work when the rain was slightly slower. I'm excited to see what pops up in the garden, and I have some things I'd like to plant as well. I've also decided that I am going to do some container gardening again this year so we can have vegetables; to do that, I'll need to put pots out where they will get a lot of sun (this plot doesn't get enough sunlight to grow anything except some partial-shade flowers).

How's your weather? I love April and May for how fresh everything always feels.
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