Apalachicola, FL: Old Time Soda Fountain

Between Port St Joe and St George Island, right before you cross the long bridge to the island, is a little town called Apalachicola (Apalach if you're local). We don't normally do much shopping on our trips (we try to find a Christmas ornament and that's about it, unless we come across something fantastic like 75% an entire lighthouse store *cough*), but we had promised Eric's sister some birthday presents from Florida, so on our way back to my aunt and uncle's place we stopped for a little while here. There were a ton of little antique and boutique stores and we easily found some gifts that she liked. Down one street we walked, I saw on the other side of the road the back of a building that read "soda fountain". By now you know that there are certain things that, when I see them, I have to check out, old fashioned soda fountains being one of them (others include breweries and lighthouses). 

So after we were done shopping, we popped into the Old Time Soda Fountain to see how it was. It was part gift shop, part soda counter, part ice cream shop. It was busy while we were in here.

We saw on the menu "ice cream soda" listed again, so we wanted to try it to see how it compared to what we had in Nashville. (It also makes me wonder if it is a southern soda fountain item? Or maybe I just never noticed it before?) We had strawberry, since we've determined strawberry is the way to go with ice cream sodas (chocolate just isn't as good).

It was pretty good! I was a little disappointed it wasn't more of an old timey soda fountain (no fun glasses and no retro feel to the place), but the drink tasted good and we got to sit at a counter.
Apalachicola, FL: Old Time Soda Fountain Apalachicola, FL: Old Time Soda Fountain Reviewed by Maria on 10:00:00 AM Rating: 5

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