Arlington, TX: Twisted Root Burger Company

We didn't get to our hotel in Texas until considerably past dinnertime, and we really needed to get something to eat. Luckily our hotel was near a whole bunch of restaurants. We drove to the first one and it looked shady, so we didn't go in. We drove to another and everyone was smoking inside, so we left (there is no smoking in establishments in Indiana by law, and it's always kind of a shock back to reality that all states don't have smoking bans at this point). Third time's a charm and we landed at the Twisted Root Burger Company's Arlington location.

We all found good-looking things to order from the menu and received our order name:

Someone calls out your name and you go up to get your food. The best was a guy who had Shakira, and the girl on the microphone called out "Shakira Shakiraaa" like in the song.

The restaurant itself was decorated awesomely. Here's the bar tap:

Which was built out of an actual old RV. It's hard to tell here, but you can just begin to make out that the side of this looks like an RV. Also, yes, those are Porta-Potties as restrooms in the back.

The back wall was covered in old truck back doors. Most of them had bumper stickers or handwritten notes on them.

Along with my burger (which was good), I had a thin mint milkshake. I didn't have any Girl Scout cookies this year, and this definitely got any fix I needed in. It tasted like I was drinking a cookie.

The restaurant was a fun experience for our first night in town. Thank goodness they were open late!
Arlington, TX: Twisted Root Burger Company Arlington, TX: Twisted Root Burger Company Reviewed by Maria on 10:00:00 AM Rating: 5


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