Columbus, IN: 450 North Brewing Company

A few months ago, I saw a deal on LivingSocial for a new brewery in Columbus. It's really unusual for there to be Columbus deals on these coupon sites (most are for places in Indianapolis), so I jumped on it. We finally had a chance to check it out last Friday night, popping over from Bloomington after the Women's Little 500 race to have dinner with my dad.

Simmons Winery opened 450 North Brewing Company in 2012, but I hadn't heard about it until the LivingSocial deal. The brewpub is located in the same place as the winery, which makes it a really interesting concept where you can eat dinner as well as have fresh-made beer or wine. (Most wineries don't have restaurants, and most breweries don't have wine!)

We were seated in the front room, but there was also another room that looked much larger. There were tons of people here, which I absolutely did not expect. (When we pulled into the parking lot there were so many cars that Eric asked me if I ought to have made reservations!) I didn't know so many people knew about it, but we wound up seeing lots of people we knew and some told us they come here all the time.

Our LivingSocial deal was for a wine sample, beer sample, appetizer, and either take home growler or bottle of wine (we opted for the growler). I picked the wines, and the two we all liked the most were the Nortonburg White and Raspberry.

Eric picked the beers, and the one we chose to take home was the Honey Kolsch. We also had a blackberry wheat that was pretty good. Their most interesting beer on the menu was a bourbon porter (the Bourbon Pothole) which was very bourbon-y.

We had nachos as our appetizer (pretty good, but I forgot to take a photo) and got a pizza for dinner. Literally everyone else in the place had a giant pizza at their table and they all looked so good. We got half supreme and half chicken alfredo. Both were good, but the supreme had a lot more flavor.

In case you are unfamiliar with what a growler is, it's a gallon of beer in a resealable and reusable jug. You want to drink the beer fairly soon after filling it up. Breweries like to personalize the jugs, which makes them look pretty awesome. We have one other growler, from our favorite brewery in Chapel Hill, the Carolina Brewery, which we picked up on our way down to Atlanta for last year's Final Four. It's on display in our china cabinet.

The LivingSocial deal was well worth picking up (it's long over by now, but I always like to check it, Groupon, and Google Offers periodically to see if there's anything good going on; I also always check these out when we travel in case there are any good deals for restaurants or activities that we can take advantage of). My dad liked the pizza so much he wants to take my mom there! Let me know if you check it out, and tell me your favorite wine or beer.
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